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5 pytań do Steve'a Schneider'a.

5 pytań do Steve'a Schneider'a.

Dodano: 2014-05-16 07:12:39

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Steve Schneider, Principal Bartender z nowojorskiego Employees Only wystąpi 26 maja na Bar Symposium Warszawa z prelekcją “Three-Dimensional Bartending”. Już teraz zapraszamy do przeczytania krótkiego wywiadu ze Stevem.

Bar Symposium Warszawa: If you weren't a bar bartender, what would you do in life?

- After my aspiring dreams of being a career United States Marine were thwarted by an injury, bartending saved my life. If I hadn't started bar tending and if I hadn't fallen in love with the bar business, I have no doubt I would be a dead man right now. I am a bartender. This business is everything to me.

BSW: Who are your mentors, idols, role models?

- I've had several mentors in my career. Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas, who learned from Dale DeGroff. Dushan, Jason and several other mentors have taught me many life lessons which I have taken and then interpreted into my own style which I teach to a younger generation.

BSW: What can the participants of BSW expect from your lecture/presentation?

- My goal is to inspire and motivate the audience and give them an insight on how I approach my business and my craft. It's always a challenge when I go to a new country, city or market because the drinking culture varies so much. However, if I can inspire at least 1 young bartender to give it his best shot every shift and have him or her set obtainable goals in this business, then I have done my job. At the end of the day, if you want to be a better bartender, you're going to have to start and end with the person in the mirror. You're going to have to want to do something special everyday and care about others. That is my goal - to inspire and pass down the teachings of my mentors.

BSW: Please tell us about your worst day behind the bar?

- For me, my worst day behind a bar is a day where I feel like I could have tried harder and done better. I've come to realize what my role is as a working bartender - dealing with many different types of people.

BSW: What is your favourite drink right now?

- Believe it or not, was and will always be a fresh made Mezcal Margarita with a pinch of salt and cucumber. Drink what makes you happy, friends.